Thursday, January 14, 2010

Driving down the road kickin rocks and singing cowboy songs.

After a two and a half day drive, we're finally in New Mexico. We did hear a lot of cowboy songs that we've never heard before.

I think the next time we come thru Texas, I need to get a cowboy hat to sit on the dash board. Nuff said.

Holy crap Batman!

Yep, we visited the bat cave and have video to prove it. We drove to Carlsbad this morning after a night in Ft. Stockton again. The trip here was worth it. Video below. Short video. All in all I took about 30 minutes of the cavern. The path down to the Big Room was about a mile long. Then in the Big Room the path was a 1 mile around the edge, You can fit 14 football fields in it. Enormous and beautiful.

Decided to spend the night in Carlsbad. Word of thru town before getting a room. Hurry up and buy gas before next day. As we were fueling up, a guy came out and changed the price from $2.79 to $2.89 . Does the expression "prices going up before your eyes," mean any thing. Decided to eat in a All You Can Eat Chineese Buffet. Sounded good to us and a change of diet wouldn't hurt. Nice place, pretty Chineese ladies, clean walls, rug, tables, $8.00. Food looked good and tasted pretty good. Then I saw a 7 yr old kid drop something on the floor and throw it back in the serving dishes. Nuff said.

Tomorrow it's on to Taos and spend a day there.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

North to Alaska

Farewells said this morning and it was time to leave. Donning our sunglasses and rolling our windows down I pointed the front of the truck North for the first time in over a month. The sun and warm breeze felt good on my arm as it rested on the door. 61 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. As our kids would say,"Sweet".

First stop Fredericksburg 60 miles away. Thought it was going to be a few hours stop, but we opted to spend the night. Nice town and lots to see. Tomorrow we'll spend a little time walking around town and look in the shops and galleries.

We went thru the National Museum of the Pacific War. Certainly worth the trip here and the walk thru the museum.

Just because we're headed North, the trip isn't over. We still have people to see Colorado, Nebraska, Michigan, and Indiana.