Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Weeeee're baaaaack

Yep, Pam got back a few weeks before me and I got back April 6th. We drove a total of 9,500 miles during the time we were outside. Had a good time, but didn't get to see my brother. Hopefully we will next year.
The day I arrived on the ferry from Prince Rupert, it snowed. Welcome home. Really didn't need to see that.
Working on the sailboat getting the engine running. Need a new part and they don't make the engine anymore, so need to do some fabricating which means by Alaska standards, jury rig it.
Pam's working a few months at dental offices. Save some money to go back South for Erin and Josh's wedding. It'll be fun except for the fact I have to wear a tux. NO MORE TUXES after this wedding.
Need to finish the cat and the bird sketch.
Hope your day is going good.