Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Adventure Begins

The house is closed up for the Winter and the snow will be falling soon in Whale Pass. We had a few high winds.....117mph at Lincoln Rock in Clarence Strait and several other storms with high winds for several days. A few power outages and one humongous lightning strike across the bay that also took out the power. Hopefully those events weren't the start of a bad Winter.
This year we'll have 'Dude' our cat traveling with us. That in itself may warrant a lot of writing. Right now she's in kitty Hotel in Ketchikan while we're in Anchorage visiting Josh and his family. We're enjoying our time with Josh, Erin, and especially Baby Chance. Today Grandma and Chance put up "A really BIG tree" as Chance keeps saying. He's excited for Christmas and I guess children's enthusiasm is what makes it fun for us adults.
We'll be leaving for Juneau next Thursday to see Tristan and Adam and spend Thanksgiving with them for a few days.
Then back to Ketchikan where we'll catch the ferry to Bellingham, Washington and on to Oregon to see our neighbors from Whale Pass....Pat and Laura.
I've done several paintings, but I don't have my computer here with me to upload them. I'll do that when I get back to Ketchikan.
I hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving and have a safe Holiday season.