Monday, February 7, 2011

This blog is for Bobby

  Well, I haven't been keeping up with my where abouts lately and I got an ear full from my brother. So, Bobby this is for you.
  Last blog was we were in Madrid. That's where the movie Wild Hogs was filmed. It really is a neet town and should certainly be checked out if you go anywhere close to it.
  We spent 2 weeks in Taos. Got to see a lot of art work in the many galleries there. Also took several oil painting classes.
   Also went to see the cliff dwellings close by. I made a short video and uploaded it on my Facebook page. I'll try uploading some pics for you here.
   Left for Albuquerque and we stayed there for a week. Took the bus to Old Town where a lot of old buildings with shops and galleries. It was all good.
   Got a new set of tires for the truck and headed for Silver City; a day and a half drive. Stayed there for a week and explored several sites close by and walked around town. Again the galleries. Visited another cliff dwellings about 44 miles away and explored Whitewater canyon close by. The day of the cliff Dwellings it was a nice sunny day. The next day at the canyon, snow and cold. No one there but us so we had it all to ourselves. Took LOTS of pics and video.
    After a week in Silver City and the roads opening back up due to the severe weather conditions we headed back to Parker to spend a few days with Tana and family. Hopefully tomorrow (Tuesday) we'll head for Nebraska to see family there. Then .....maybe on to Bobby's. Time is getting short and there's business needing attending to in Washington before we get on the ferry.
   Well, Bobby, that about brings you up to date for now. I'll try uploading a few pics here in a few days.