Monday, June 21, 2010


That's the sound of the diesel engine on Arctic Tern.....finally! Wasn't easy to get her running again with a 32 yr old engine that isn't made anymore. Was hoping to go sailing this Summer though. Need to paint her bottom yet.
We're in Whale Pass finally. Actually got here a little over a month ago. Had to stay in Ketchikan for a few months while Pam worked and I worked on Arctic Tern.
Was going to have a photo or two up, but forgot the camera. Next time hopefully.
Getting ready for Josh and Erin's wedding this July. Should be a fun time. Speaking of fun, sounds like Tristan and Adam are having a great time traveling around the states. Well, one state so far.
I have library duty this evening so better get back to it.
Everyone have a good Summer.