Thursday, March 4, 2010

Viva La Lexington, Nebraska
Lexington is located in the center of America. Farming land. Hard working farmers who worked sun up to sundown raising beef and growing crops for our dinner table. Making just enough money to keep them going till next year. A town that still has bricks for their street in town. A place where the only fast lane is the express lane at the local WalMart.
Now, I'm afraid it's coming to a close, or at least what it once represented. Tyson packing plant is just about the only game in town. It pretty much dictates how this town lives or dies as a community.
Several years ago, Tyson brought in a large influence of Mexican workers to work in their plant. Now recently, Tyson is bringing in people from Somalia. Perhaps they work cheaper or don't complain about working conditions. I really don't know their Tyson's reasoning. All I can say, it's not the same place I visited years ago or where my wife grew up.
We've driven around the Western United States and have seen houses for sale and repossessed.
I hope the economy picks up and people can get back to work.