Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Beep Beep ----whooshhhhhh

Not much to write about this evening. We left Sierra Vista this morning. Thought about going to see The Buffalo Soldiers Museum, but didn't. Maybe next time.

I'll try filling this evenings blog with blah blah blah stuff. We have seen road runners while on the trip. You know Wiley Coyote and the Road Runner. They are funny to watch running. We've gone thru several Border Patrol check points. Two of them again today. We're in New Mexico this evening. I now send Pam in to get the rooms. She has a knack of getting the $55.00 rooms. We're staying in a La Quinta Motel in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She got for $49.00. She was standing in line and saw a lady in front use a coupon for a lesser price. So Pam came back to the truck, looked thru our coupon books we got at the visitor center. Eureka, she found one. Thus the price. Ate at Country Kitchen. Again, $20.00 for both meals and drinks. The food wasn't bad. Walked over to WalMart and shopped and stretched our legs. Prices were comparable to Ketchikan prices. There were some good prices on food. Example - 2 bags of oranges $1.00. ....for both. about 15 oranges in each bag. Saw a beautiful sunset this evening.

Well, that's about all today. No videos this evening. Was a nice warm day today. Hope everyone will have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Our Lady of the Sierras
We spent last night on Sierra Vista, AZ. Nice little town yet still has large shopping malls. See a lot of Border Patrol vehicles. Also go thru BP check points, so yes that are on the job.

We visited Montezuma's Pass with an elevation of 6,575 ft. and a cavern not far away.

We took in the view and drove a few miles to see Our Lady of the Sierras. That's the video below. Our Lady of the Sierras Shrine is located on a hill in the Huachuca Mountains. Visitors are welcomed by a 75 foot Celtic Cross and a large angel with open arms.

We've decided to spend another day here and planning on seeing a museum about the Buffalo Soldiers tomorrow.

Had dinner at The Texas Roadhouse. Two steaks and shrimp, ice tea, and a strawberry daiquiri was $47.00. Again, it was more than we could or should eat in one sitting. The room is $55.00/night and diesel is still $2.89 -$2.99/gal.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Bisbee, Az. an old copper town

Bisbee is a old historic Copper mining town. Although the mining has long since gone, the historic buildings and flavor of that era still lives on. If you go to Tombstone, then drive a few miles further and visit this town. It will be worth the drive.

The weather was chilly today by local standards, warm to us though. Thought about wearing shorts, but decided on jeans.

Looked in some art galleries. There were some nice paintings and pricey ones. One gallery had paintings from $4.000 and another $14,000. Talked to a gallery owner who also paints. Of course I asked her all kinds of questions. She reminded me of Diane who owns the Exploration Gallery in Ketchikan. I need to get my paints out and start painting.

39 shots in 30 seconds

That was the shoot out at the OK Corral. Saw a reenactment of it. It was certainly realistic.....sort of. After the gun fire, kids were crying. So if ya got kids, cover their ears. Video of it below. All the videos I post are a short version of longer clips. We ate at one of the resuarants in town. All the places to eat keep the Western atmoshere. Did see a young lady order some beef ribs. It was the biggest ribs I've ever seen served on a plate. I wanted to go over and take a movie of it, but Pam said no. The ribs were bigger than the plate. I looked over about 20 minutes latyer. She was still eating on them, but didn't look like she made a dent in them.

Cloudy today. Headed towards Bensen to see some cavern, then on to New Mexico. I'll blog about it tonight and add more to this one.

Saw on the weather channel more snow up North..BRRRRRRRR