Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where is those waskles?

We're in Colorado, that's where. There wasn't an Internet connection at Pam's mom's place, so updates where a little slow.
We had a good time in Nebraska visiting relatives. I have a few videos of Terry branding cattle on the farm. Hope to have those uploaded soon.
Josh and Erin are getting married this summer at Estes Park in Colorado. Pam and I took a day trip there last week. I must say, it rivals the beauty of Alaska. I took a few short movies of where the wedding will be and I'll get that uploaded later also.
Pam leaves for home tomorrow and I'll follow in a few days. It'll feel good to get back home. I need to get some building material for the house. I suppose I'll look like a gypsy wagon heading North thru Canada with everything loaded on it.
Weather here has been kind of crazy......66 one day, the next blowing snow. Yesterday, 77 and now storm warnings.
Been keeping up with art classes and I'll miss them, but anxious to get back to my studio and paint and sketch some ideas I have.
Hope everyone is doing good and the sun is shining where ever you're at.