Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Countdown 3....2...1

We had fun up North visiting the kids. Went to
Wassila to visit Josh, Erin, and Baby Chance.
Then flew to Juneau to see Tristan, Adam, and
Terry. Had a fun fun time. Well the trip wasn't all
filled with fun. Pam got sick on the flight up North.
I got a cold the last half of the trip.
Well, we leave for Bellingham tomorrow. Still need to get things ready and nowhere close. It's been blowing 50 and raining for awhile now.
I finished the painting and see too many mistakes to keep looking at it. I'll be giving it to Laura and Pat. They enjoy them.
The state ferry was working on installing Internet on the ferry we'll be on. Hopefully they'll have it finished. If so, I'll have plenty of time to blog on the way down.
Dude will be traveling with us this yr. She does pretty good in the truck. Just need to see how she does day after day.
The two day ferry ride to Bellingham got a little rough in a few spots, but not bad. Arrived in Bellingham and the border patrol was there checking a few people.
Now we're visiting with Pat and Laura. We're enjoying our visit with them.
Our next visit will be with Ron and Stormy.
Till next time....