Monday, October 11, 2010

Wind, Rain, and Painting

Last Summer was busy for us.....water shed for water tanks, rebuilding porch, beams and footers under the house (still), and having adventures with our neighbors Pat and Laura
On the right is one of 3 paintings I've been working on this past week. Just need to finish a few items and then it'll be done. ( Finished painting the one on the right, but don't have a photo of it yet) I have several ideas for more paintings and hope to start on them within the next few days.
Looks like we'll be headed South soon. Probably just before Thanksgiving. Visit the kids first up North, then come back and catch ferry South.
Dude is doing good and she'll be with us this trip. Now is when we would like a 5th wheel, but we'll see how this goes.
Suppose to blow 80 tomorrow. Blowing a little today and the past week. Storm warnings past few days and now bigger winds. Had one blow that was over 100 a few yrs ago on Hollloween. That's when I stayed up all night thinking a tree was going to come down thru the house. Guess trees did come down on a few houses and several micro burst brought a lot more trees down close to other houses.
Hope everyone is doing good and I'll try writting more on this blog.