Monday, January 18, 2010

On a wing and a prayer

That's how my computer is operating. So updating may become sparatic.

There are 67 stop lights between Carlsbad and Taos

How many do you think I had to stop at.
A. 67
B. 67
C. 67
D. All of the above
And that's why they call them stop lights.

Taos, New Mexico....a slice of Heaven

There's just too much to mention about Taos to discribe here. Just know it's an art community with many fine and famous artist.

I went back and talked to Doug Scott. A famous sculpter now turned painter and making a living with it. This is his 2nd yr of painting. He's self taught, he's broken many 'rules' for painting. Probably because he didn't know what they were to begin with. Besides, his paintings are selling. I talked to him for an hour again this trip. Great inspiration for me to get back to painting.
Here's some of what he's painted

Visited J. D. Challenger studio/gallery. Saw where he paints when he's there in the summer.

Saw my first $45,000 and several $30,000 paintings in another gallery.
Pam went to Hobby Lobby and bought me more paint. I guess my next goal is $100 paintings.

Walked across the Rio Grande Bridge. Long way down.

We're at my daughter's now. Her husband opened a Firehouse Sub sandwich shop. They had a heck of a grand opening day.

Well, that pretty much brings you up to date....Hopefully this computer will work next time I turn it on.