Saturday, January 9, 2010

Texas Mountain Cedar

Didn't do much today so not much to write about. So guess I'll just mention a few things that I'll share about the trip.
When the TM Cedar is pollinating, it plays heck with my sinuses. Didn't get to sleep until 4am this morning. Heck of a time with allergies.


The further South you drive, the better the restrooms are. The ones in Canada are of the outhouse variety. When you get to the states. The ones just across the state lines are usually the best you'll find in that state. Take advantage of the stop and grab some tour literature that's there. Also get a booklet with coupons in them. You'll save money on items including motel rooms.
Carry an extra roll of TP with you when going thru Canada. No guarantee they'll be TP in them. Also carry a bottle of hand cleaner. They'll be no water or soap in them either.

Thought I got the big one

Ate lunch while out at a shopping mall the other day. I ordered a chicken fried steak. $7.99 for a small one and $8.99 for a big one. I ordered the small one since I wasn't that hungry. When it came, it covered 3/4 of the plate. Thinking the waitress made a mistake and not wanting to hurt her feelings, I said, " Gosh!, I should have ordered a small one". The waitress said that it was the small one. The Big ones come on a plate by themselves. Seems like all we do is eat and much more than we need.
I guess I'm stimulating the economy and spreading the wealth at the expense of spreading my as setts.

The restaurants down here seem to all be very busy in the evenings......"what recession".
Saw a 5lb bag of Idaho potatoes for 88 cents a bag. Amaretto is $6.00/ bottle. In Alaska it's $24-27.00/ bottle.

Like I said at the beginning, slow day in Texas

Friday, January 8, 2010

For Laura and her Spice Monkey

Let's see, last time I updated was back in Arizona a week ago. We drove across the lower part of New Mexico in a day. I heard about the beautiful women in New Mexico and wanted to try and photograph them and then do a sketch and maybe a painting. Well, from what I saw while traveling thru NM is that someone contaminated the gene pool. Perhaps I need to look closer when we drive thru again next week.

Don't Mess With Texas

Saw that sign a lot when we got to Texas.

We spent New Years Eve at Fort Stockton, Texas. We rented a room for $42.00 tax included. After we, I mean I rented the room, we went out to get something to eat. On the way back we decided to get some bubblie for the New Year's celebration. So one bottle of sparkling cider and some snacks.
Back in the room and in a few hours we'll be ringing in 2010. In a $42.00 room including tax one doesn't get coffee maker, hair dryer, clock, or cups to drink sparkling cider. So at midnight Pam and I drank our cider like two recovering wineos passing the bottle back and forth. So welcome to Texas and say hello to 2010.

What can I say about driving across Texas. It's big, it's flat, and you can go fast. 80 mph fast.

Remember the Alamo

We're at Chuck and Jan's house just a few miles outside San Antonio. We haven't been to The Alamo this year, but we did see it last year.
It's been cold here, but not as cold as the rest of the country.

Hablo Espanol ?

We went to a WalMart and I needed to use the restroom. As I walked in so did a young man just in front of me He started talking so I looked around and we were alone. The fact that he said something to me wasn't unusual. What was unusual is he was speaking Spanish. I certainly don't look Mexican. As we were standing at the urinal he kept speaking Spanish. So I finally looked at him and said , " I don't speak Spanish". He looked at me and kept talking. I then said "No habla Espanol". We just looked at each other. He kept talking and I could only imagine what he was now saying to me. As he went to wash his hands, I noticed he had a wireless earpiece for his telephone in his ear. I'd forgotten about those things.

That's about all that was funny to happen this week. Hey, it's Texas.