Monday, January 10, 2011

Cheap Chicken Mondays

   Woke up with a headache this morning so we decided to take it easy. First stop, post office to get box and mail Baby Chance his birthday presents. Well, as we drove into the post office parking lot, we noticed that we were going the wrong way. Of course someone had to point that out to me. I then asked him why not put up a sign saying one way or do not enter at each end. I doubled checked and nope .... no signs.
   With that little episode I should have figured out that it may not get any better as the day progresses.
   We decided to go to a very nice restaurant that we'd read about the night before. The Dragonfly. Sounds like a good place. Well, we found it and to make a long story short, we didn't get served. We watched the couple beside us get served and they were almost finished with their meal and still no waiter came back to take our order. We then watched as another group came in and sat down. They got their water and a little while later the waiter came back and took their order. Hmmm, It wasn't like they were busy. We were the only ones in there waiting. We then got up and went back to the room. Pam went 'shoppping' and saw where the grocery store had a special CHEAP CHICKEN MONDAYS.
   MMMMMMMM drumsticks.

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